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    1. Carrier
    2. Trane
    3. York

    4. Lennox
    5. Rheem
    6. Amana
We have conducted a thorough analysis and ranking of the top heat pump brands by evaluating a broad range of both expert and consumer reviews available from multiple sources. While there is never uniform agreement on which brand is the best, our ranking is based on a majority of views. As such, we believe that it represents the most objective assessment available at the present time. If you are looking for a central heat pump unit to heat your entire house for years to come, you should strongly consider one of these leading brands.
It is remarkable to realize that both Trane and Carrier have been in the business of producing heating systems for more than 100 years.

They offer high quality heat pumps and provide lower end, mid-range and higher end options, meaning that you should be able to afford one of their products on virtually any reasonable budget.
Consumers have consistently praised Trane and Carrier heat pumps for their effective operation and dependability. This is the "buy it and forget it" sort of heat pump, that should work for a decade or longer. In addition to their own brand name products, these companies also manufacture American Standard, Bryant and Payne heat pumps.

Given their quality and longevity, Trane and Carrier heat pumps tend to be more expensive. While the companies have more basic offerings at lower price points, their product portfolio is 15% to 30% more expensive, on average, than similar products from lower rated competitors. However, a large number of consumers have indicated that they are willing to pay the higher prices in return for the consistent operation and peace of mind associated with these brands.

In the third and fourth spots, York and Lennox are both very well known and respected names in the residential heating and cooling space and can at times provide more cometitively priced alternatives to the top two brands without any significant drop-off in either quality or durability. Particularly in the case of York, consumers who have purchased its products are very vociferous in their support for the brand. They like its quiet, consistent operation and its exceptional heating and cooling power.

The Rheem brand is not as popular as some of the others, but we consider it underrated. In expert reviews, Rheem has consistently been a top performer, praised for the design, performance, and longevity of its heat pumps. A number of HVAC professionals have expressed their opinion that a Rheem heat pump is about as good as a homeowner can do. It bears noting that Rheem also owns the Ruud brand, which is equally well known and respected. Both companies have been in the HVAC business since before the Second World War and have pioneered major advances in heating and cooling technologies.

Amana rounds out our list, a solid brand with a long history of excellence. Today, Amana is owned by Goodman and continues to offer a noteworthy selection of heat pump products. Compared to the top five brands, Amana is not rated as highly and its quality is not as uniform. The manufacturer's website and customer service do not receive the same high marks. However, we believe Amana is a brand that can provide an alternative for the budget-minded consumer who wishes to purchase a heat pump but lack the resources to pay for a unit from one of the leading manufacturers.

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